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Each year, MAACCE sponsors Postcards to the Governor in preparation for the Maryland Legislative session that begins in January. This year, we are asking Governor Hogan to dedicate more funding to adult education in Maryland. The more postcards the Governor’s office receives from Marylanders, the more they will know that adult education is a priority for Maryland. We are asking that postcards be mailed to the Governor by mid-January at the latest. Please click here to order your postcards


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2016 Postcard Campaign – Thank you for Participating!

Postcard Available Here to download and print on Orange Cardstock

Please Help With The MAACCE Governor Postcards! Each year, MAACCE members, students, and supporters send postcards to the Governor of Maryland to thank him for his support of adult education and to encourage necessary funding for adult education programs. Given the election results, this is more important than ever as federal funding has been flat and may be cut back further.

We encourage MAACCE members to ask colleagues, friends, etc. to complete a postcard and mail it. Each year, the Governor’s office takes note of our postcards and they note our commitment.

This year, our postcards will be orange, and we are asking the Governor to increase state funding for adult education programs to make WIOA fulfill its full potential in Maryland. It would be great if the Governor’s office got more postcards than ever this year.

We need all of your help. Please contact us at and indicate where you would like us to send you pre-printed postcards, or to send you a PDF that you can run off on bright orange cardstock.  Also, our coordinator, Laurie Askins, will be at the LACES Training on Wednesday, November 16, and can distribute postcards to programs. Please email her at to let her know if you would like to have the postcards dropped off with the MIS (or other individual) attending the training.

We ask for all postcards to be sent by January 10, 2017, but please send in as many as possible before the winter break. Your help is essential and deeply appreciated!





“Please download and print the postcard on green paper”.

Attention MAACCE Members!!

It is time to send postcards to Governor Hogan asking for his support of continued/level state funding for the FY17 budget.  Many adult ed programs have already been mailed a packet of the postcard in multiple hard copies and these will be distributed to you and your classes with specific instructions for mailing. (A name and address must be on each card — and they must be mailed no later than January 10, 2016 — sending them in much earlier is better.)  

If you or your program did not receive postcards, you can download it here and mail it to the GovernorPlease make copies for learners, volunteers, and supporters.

Community college programs and state employees are not officially permitted by their institutions to participate in the MAACCE advocacy effort.  However, you as a Maryland citizen may send in a postcard as a “supporter” from your home address.

If your program does not received state funds, MAACCE asks that you still support this important advocacy effort.  

It is very important for MAACCE members to participate in the advocacy campaign for continued state funding.  With WIOA implementation coming up next year, every state dollar we have in place this year will be needed more than ever for next year and the years to come.  

All postcards will be counted by the Governor’s Office.  MAACCE has ordered 4,000 cards and we wish to be sure the Governor receives all of them!!  Our combined voice must be heard by the Governor echoing the need of continued support for adult education and literacy funding.

Thank you for your participation!

The MAACCE Advocacy and Communications Committee and Board of DIrectors


Postcard Sample_LimeGreen



National Adult and Family Education Week!

National Adult Education and Family Literacy week was September 21-26, 2015. Click here to connect to our special AEFL Week Page!


NAEFL week is declared each year to raise awareness about adult education, English language learning, and family literacy in the United States. It gives educators the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the hard work and achievements of adult learners.   


Read about last year’s Press Conference here.   


Let your voice be heard!

Avoid Cuts to Adult Education – Send a Letter/Email

Adult Education funding needs your help!

This message is to all Maryland voters, instructors, staff members, adult learners and graduates, volunteers, board members, adult literacy supporters, civic leaders, and businesses. Legislators learn what is important to their communities by hearing from their constituents. Emails or letters from adult learners and adult education supporters remind policy makers of their responsibility to respond to needs in their communities.

MAACCE asks you to join us as we work to educate the Maryland legislature about the importance of adult education in Maryland. There is talk of cutting adult education for FY2016.  Please take 10 minutes and send an email/letter or call your representative and thank them for their support of adult education and ask them to save adult education funding for FY2016.

Click here for an outline for an email or letter that you can send to your representatives in the Maryland House and Senate. Feel free to tailor the message to fit your group (ASE/GED®, ESOL, ABE, Corrections, Family Literacy, etc.) if you have time.  “Quality counts as much as quantity – Communications that include some unique information have significantly more impact on legislators’ decision-making than do identical form messages.” (Congressional Management Foundation, 2005) If you do not have time to edit, please cut and paste the message below.  Seven emails is a “flood of responses” for legislators, so every letter counts.

Thank you for supporting adult education!


What to do:

Step 1: Find your legislature’s email and/or mailing address using this link.

House of Delegates:  and


Step 2: Copy and paste the text linked here into an email or word document.

Step 3: Add your voice to the letter. Legislatures need to hear:

– How literacy has impacted a learner’s life – why they joined, experiences in the program, what are they doing now as a result of a program?

– Instructors and staff members – What success have you seen? Why are you working in this field?  Is everyone in your area being served or are there wait lists?

Step 4: Send or Mail your letter.


Step 5: Using the lesson plans and/or templates linked here, have your class write letters of their own and send them in.


WIOA is Here!

The MAACCE Board has prepared a statement in response to the new federal legislation that governs adult education and workforce development; you can find it here.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor has provided this fact sheet about the new law, as well as an FAQ.


MAACCE Advocates for:

  • Increased state and federal funding for Maryland, where the need is acute. Current total funding allows only 5% of those in need to be served through combined federal and state dollars allocated to approved state grantee programs and correctional education. Maryland currently invests only $213 per adult learner; the East Coast states’ average investment is $964. Federal funding has been level or slightly less for the past four years.
  • Increased learner support at the programmatic level to include more comprehensive and flexible services. These need to include ESL, family literacy, life and job skill development, diploma achievement, transitions to post-secondary education, and skills enhancement for personal goal enrichment.
  • Increased professional development, which is vital to continued program success. Research shows that quality teachers are key to achieving high learner outcomes.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow – working with colleagues, developing their own skills, and increasing motivation – must continue to be a focal point of our attention and resources.

Download Quick Facts: Adult Education in Maryland and the Need for Additional Funding


Past Advocacy Activity

MAACCE Responds to the Workforce Creation and Adult Education Transition Council Report:

  • The MAACCE Board of Directors supports the work of the Workforce Creation and Adult Education Transition Council and is in agreement with the spirit of the Council’s report for the benefit of adult learners in Maryland.
  • As a partner, we are committed to further prioritizing and implementing the Council’s recommendations.
  • We recognize that implementing the recommendations requires significant additional funding.
  • We will continue to advocate for adequate support to continue and expand exemplary adult education services in Maryland.


Other Advocacy Information

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