MAACCE Press Release



It’s hard to believe that September is here already.  Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFL) Week is coming in three weeks!

Thank you to you all who have signed up for Green Wristbands. We will be getting you your bands soon. If you have not yet signed up, it is not too late, but your requests will be taken on a first come, first served basis at

Here is a link to the following:

1. Our general call to action. We are encouraging everyone to reach out to your congressional representatives to fully fund adult education at the WIOA-authorized amount.

2. Our AEFL Week 2017 Minikit with various ideas and tools for you as you engage in your AEFL Week.

3. The master for the mini-cards that you can hand out with your wristbands, or use on their own.

4. A flyer you can share with local businesses.

Please let us know how we can support you in your awareness activities. We look forward to seeing your photos and reading your stories.

Your MAACCE Team